HELP! i'll give brianliest and lots of points, and if u will explain, explain it so a dumb person can understand, if u can't then just give me a straight answerPart A: Eveline rented a car at $180 for 4 days. If she rents the same car for 9 days, she has to pay a total rent of $325.Write an equation in the standard form to represent the total rent (y) that Eveline has to pay for renting the car for x days.Part B: Write the equation obtained in Part A using function notation. Part C: Describe the steps to graph the equation obtained above on the coordinate axes. Mention the labels on the axes and the intervals.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Step-by-step explanation: There is a standard cost just for renting the car.Let the daily cost = xLet the addon be = z The add on is the amount they charge just to give you the keys and do the paper work. It might include insurance.y = z + 4xy = 180z = ??x = 4y = 325z = ??x = 9Equation 1: 180 = z + 4xEquation 2:325 = z + 9xSubtract (1) from (2)325 = z + 9x180 = z + 4x                         Subract145 = 5x                               Divide by 5145/5 = 5x/5x = 29What you have found is the daily cost. Now you have to find the fixed cost.y = 29x + z180 = 29*4 + z180 = 116 + z                  Subtract 116 from both sides180 - 116 = zz = 64Answer: Part Ay = 29x + 64Part Bf(x) = 29x + 64Part CSo what are the intervals?Vertically each square is worth: Horizontally: each square is worth.How is the y axis labeled?How is the x axis labeled? [eGraph the points by letting x = 2 days x = 4 days x = 6 days I'm including the graph. You should be able to answer it just by looking at the graph. No single answer will be wrong. There are all sorts of ways of setting up the axis.