What Divided by 4 Equals 92?

Accepted Solution


Do you ever encounter problems like "What divided by 4 equals 92?" and wonder how you're supposed to solve such a problem? Well, there's actually a standard method in mathematics to solve these types of division problems. Here's the step-by-step process to solve this particular question:

The first thing to take note of is that the word "what" in this problem represents a variable, typically denoted by 'x'. So, this problem can be rewritten as the equation: $ \frac{x}{4} = 92 $

Our aim is to solve this equation for 'x'. This means we need to modify the equation so that 'x' stands alone on one side. We do this by multiplying both sides by 4. The equation then becomes: $x = 92 * 4$

After simplifying the right-hand side, we find $x = 368$. Hence, the number, which when divided by 4 equals 92, is 368.

We can confirm this by substituting 368 for 'x' in our initial equation, which indeed provides the correct result: $\frac{368}{4} = 92$. Therefore, we can rest assured that our answer is correct.

There are countless problems of this type that you can solve using a similar approach. Here are a few examples for practice:

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Mastering this technique will significantly enhance your mathematical problem-solving skills, particularly with division-related problems.