What is 6/18 Divided by 4?

Accepted Solution

<html> However convoluted this problem might initially seem, you can always solve it through several manageable steps. Essentially, the prompt might as well be asking "How much is the fraction $\frac{6}{18}$ divided by the number 4"? Let's go through the steps methodically. First off, break down the problem into its constituent parts. You have the fraction $\frac{6}{18}$ which is the dividend while the number 4 is the divisor. Here are the components: 1. Numerator of the dividend = 6 2. Denominator of the dividend = 18 3. Whole number which acts as the divisor = 4 To solve this, first set it up as follows: $\frac{6}{18}$ ÷ 4 For step 1, multiply the denominator of the dividend by the whole number. Specifically, 18 multiplied by 4 yields 72. In step 2, the multiplication result which is 72 will now become the denominator of the answer. The answer in fractional form reads: $\frac{6}{72}$ which simplifies down to $\frac{1}{12}$ Thus, the outcome of 6 divided by 18/4 equals $\frac{1}{12}$ Be sure to practice this concept with other division problems to further cement it in your mind. </html>