What is the LCM of 53 and 1?

Accepted Solution

Solution: The LCM of 53 and 1 is 53MethodsHow to Find the LCM of 53 and 1 by Listing Common MultiplesThe first step to this method of finding the Least Common Multiple of 53 and 1 is to begin to list a few multiples for each number. If you need a refresher on how to find the multiples of these numbers, you can see the walkthroughs for those here:What are the Multiples of 53?What are the Multiples of 1?Let’s take a look at the first 10 multiples for each of these numbers, 53 and 1:First 10 Multiples of 53: 53, 106, 159, 212, 265, 318, 371, 424, 477, 530First 10 Multiples of 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10You can continue to list out the multiples of these numbers as long as needed to find a match. Once you do find a match, or several matches, the smallest of these matches would be the Least Common Multiple. For instance, the first matching multiple(s) of 53 and 1 are 53, 106, 159. Because 53 is the smallest, it is the least common multiple.The LCM of 53 and 1 is 53.Continue Practicing by Finding the LCM of Other NumbersTake a look at some of our other walkthroughs, and you’ll be sure to be an expert at finding the LCM of any numbers in no time!What is the LCM of 66 and 33?What is the LCM of 85 and 42?What is the LCM of 86 and 107?What is the LCM of 23 and 32?What is the LCM of 144 and 89?