89 Divided by What Equals 56?

Accepted Solution


Understanding mathematical problems involving division can often contain variables which we need to find. In such a scenario, we can rewrite the problem as an equation and solve for the variable, usually denoted by 'x'. Here's how you can apply this:

1. State the problem as an equation:
   89 / x = 56
2. Isolate 'x' on one side. This first requires you to multiply both sides by 'x' to get rid of the division:
   89 = 56 * x
3. Now, divide both sides by 56 to completely isolate 'x':
   x = 89 / 56 = 1.589
   (rounded to three decimal places when required)

You can use a similar approach to solve other division problems, such as: What divided by 44 equals 76? 46 divided by what equals 35? What is 14/20 divided by 49? What is 11/12 divided by 9/13? What is 22 divided by 5/2?

While this approach helps us find 'x', it's important to note that real-world problems can be more complex, requiring further mathematical principles and approaches. But, this serves as a good starting point.