What Divided by 71 Equals 80?

Accepted Solution

Given that you are trying to ascertain the number that, when divided by 71, results to 80. This type of problem often requires an understanding of basic algebra and the manipulation of algebraic equations involving division. We typically represent this unknown number as a variable, usually the lowercase letter "x". Accordingly, we would express the problem in the form \[\frac{x}{71} = 80\]. To solve for x, we must isolate it on one side of the equation. This is feasible by multiplying both sides of the equation by 71, yielding \[x = 80*71\]. By performing the multiplication, we find the solution: \[x = 5680\]. In order to completely confirm this solution, substitute 5680 back into the original equation. As the equation holds true, we have thus found the correct answer. For additional practice in similar problems, consider the following: - What divided by 44 equals 50? - 3 divided by what equals 46? - What is 6/2 divided by 51? - What is 20/1 divided by 18/7? - What is 42 divided by 10/16?