What is 6/5 Divided by 44?

Accepted Solution


To determine the result of dividing 6/5 by 44, there are several steps we must follow to simplify the problem and express its solution in both decimal and fraction forms. Here are the steps to calculating this:

Step 1: Multiply the divisor, which is the whole number 44, by the denominator of the dividend (the fraction 6/5), which is 5. The calculation is as follows: 5 x 44 = 220.

Step 2: After performing the multiplication in step 1, take the resulting product of 220 and use it as the denominator in a new fraction. The numerator of this fraction will be the numerator of the dividend, 6, yielding the fraction $ \frac{6}{220}$.

Step 3: To convert your answer into decimal format, we simply divide the numerator of the new fraction (6) by its denominator (220). The decimal version of this division problem can be approximated to a few decimal places as 0.027.

Thus, the fraction 6/5 divided by 44 is equivalent to the fraction $ \frac{6}{220}$ and the decimal 0.027. You can apply this method to other related problems to continue practicing your skills.