Three security cameras were mounted at the corners of a triangular parking lot. Camera 1 was 106 ft from camera 2, which was 133 ft from camera 3. Cameras 1 and 3 were 151 ft apart. Which camera had to cover the greatest angle?]A. Camera 3B. Cannot tellC. Camera 2 D. Camera 1

Accepted Solution

Correct Answer:Β 
Option C. Camera 2

The greatest angle is always opposite to the side measure greater in length. So first we find the greatest side.

The distance between cameras is:

Camera 1 and Camera 2 : 106 feet
Camera 2 and Camera 3 : 133 feet
Camera 1 and Camera 3 : 151 feet

So the largest side of the triangle is the side between camera 1 and camera 3. So the camera opposite to this side will have to cover to greatest angle. The camera opposite to this side is Camera 2. This scenario is also shown in figure below.

Therefore, Camera 2 had to cover the greatest angle.Β