What is 66 Divided by 7/3?

Accepted Solution

<p>This text will walk you step-by-step through the process of calculating the result of dividing a whole number, in this case, 66, by a fraction, which is 7/3 in this scenario. To tackle this calculation, we have to divide the problem into its components: the whole number, also known as the dividend (66), and the numerator (7) and denominator (3) of the fraction, also referred to as the divisor.</p> <p>To solve "What is 66 divided by 7/3," we will detail the process in far more depth, explaining how to reach both a fraction and a decimal answer.</p> <p>Firstly, position the problem as follows: 66 ÷ <span class="math-tex">\\(\\frac{7}{3}\\)</span>. In the first step, multiply the whole number, 66, by the denominator of the fraction, which is 3. This gives the result of 198 (66 x 3 = 198). In step two, the numerator of the fraction turns into the denominator of the response. So, we end up with the fraction as <span class="math-tex">\\(\\frac{66 \cdot 3}{7} = \\frac{198}{7}\\)</span>.</p> <p>For those who are interested to find a decimal answer, divide the numerator (198) by the denominator (7), and you get 28.29 when rounded to the nearest hundredth place (<span class="math-tex">\\(\\frac{198}{7}= 28.29\\)</span>). Therefore, the answer to "66 divided by 7/3" is 28.29 in decimal form and 198/7 in fraction form.</p> <p>Feeling accomplished already? You can put your newly acquired skills to use by trying your hands on similar problems. Here are a few problems for you to solve: "What divided by 81 equals 5?"; "What is 65 divided by 14/19?"; "What is 6/7 divided by 10/16?"; "92 divided by what equals 61?"; "What is 11/8 divided by 71?". Practice makes perfect!</p>